Biggest Poker Sites for United States Players

Smaller poker sites have their advantages, I'll give you that. But at the end of the day you can't beat having an account at a larger poker site. An account at a larger poker site will mean that you have constant access to consistent action, promotions and a large variety of games and stakes. Generally speaking, larger poker sites can be trusted more, too.

Above are the best US poker sites in terms of traffic. Just click on a room to get started, or continue reading to learn more about the benefits to sticking to large poker sites.

United States / US Poker Rooms

US Poker Site
Signup Bonus
Poker Room Highlights
Ignition Poker
100% to $500
  • Fastest paying site for US players
  • Excellent VIP poker rewards
  • 100% to $500 deposit bonus
Ignition Poker
100% to $1000
  • Best software available for US players
  • Excellent VIP poker rewards
  • 100% to $2000 deposit bonus
Ignition Poker
100% to $2500
  • Accepts Bitcoin & Visa
  • Excellent Software & Support
  • 100% to $500 Deposit Bonus
BetOnline Poker
100% to $2500
  • Poker, casino and betting in one
  • Accepts US deposits & credit cards
  • 100% bonus up to $2500
BetOnline Poker
100% bonus to $1000
  • Reputable room & licensed
  • Great software & games
  • 100% bonus up to $1000
BetOnline Poker
100% cash to $1000
  • Newest US poker site
  • Safe & secure
  • 100% bonus up to $1000

7 Benefits to Playing at Large Poker Sites (vs. Small Poker Sites)

There are many benefits to playing at a large poker site vs. a small poker site. Here are my top 7.

1. 24/7 Action

The more players a poker site has the more non-stop action there will be. That means that no matter what time of day you log on you'll be able to find a game to sit down to.

In the case of US players, it may not be 24/7 action, but most people sleep at night anyway. So action from morning until 10-12am at night will work too. At the biggest US sites you shouldn't have any problem finding that.

This is easily my top benefit because I like to play more than one table at a time, and I don't like to wait for them to all load. The more players and games running, the easier it is to stay busy.

2. Find a Wider Variety of Games

The most popular game is holdem, followed by omaha. The problem with a small poker site is that often that's the only two games they offer. If they do offer other games like HORSE or stud, they're (the site) usually too small for there to be enough traffic to those games.

A larger poker site will offer other games like stud, horse or badugi, and they'll have enough traffic for real money games to be actually running.

3. Streamlined Support and Banking

While not always the case, larger poker sites usually have the kinks worked out when it comes to support, handling player requests and banking. They have procedures, FAQs pages and plenty of people to help customers.

Larger poker sites will usually have more options for banking. I've noticed that the larger sites don't usually charge fees for withdrawals either.

4. Larger (Guaranteed) Tournaments

Larger guaranteed tournaments are fun. You can get in to one for cheap, and you stand to win a lot of money relative to your buy-in.

Smaller poker sites offer them, but they are usually much smaller and infrequent compared to a large poker site. The problem comes down to cash flow. Smaller poker sites have less of it.

However, large poker sites have the money to constantly run guaranteed tournaments. They have the players base to run them, too. So you'll see that many large poker sites run thousands, if not millions of dollars each month in guaranteed tournaments.

They'll also run lots of satellites and step tournaments. That way even the guys with the smaller bankrolls can participate for a small investment, often times as little as $.25.

5. More (Money Added) Freerolls

Freerolls are offered at every poker site. But not every site runs freerolls with money added to them. And even fewer run them with the same frequency as the larger sites.

You got to remember that the money for money-added freerolls come out of the pockets of the poker sites. So the bigger the site, the bigger the bankroll they have. So you'll find more frequent, and larger money added freerolls at larger sites compared to smaller ones.

6. Higher Stakes (With Action)

Any poker site can add a 1k/2k table or $500 sng to their lineup. However, most sites can't keep these tables running consistently, if at all.

The bigger poker sites can though. So if you're a high stakes player, you'll want to find the largest poker sites because that's where you'll find the majority of your action. The largest poker sites will have action running at over $100, and some in the $500-$1k range.

7. More (Frequent & Bigger) Promotions

Like money added freerolls and guaranteed tournaments, larger poker sites have the means to run generous promotions. These things include large deposit bonuses, cash back rewards, VIP programs and other incentives. You'll find these at smaller rooms too. But you won't find nearly as many, or as generous, as you will at the largest poker sites.