Real Money Windows Phone / Tablet Poker Apps

The Windows' smartphone has been on the market for a while now. However, poker sites and casino operators have yet to embrace it enough to create an app for it. That doesn't mark the end of the world for you, though, if you want to play online poker on your Windows phone or tablet. The upside to having a Windows phone is that it's compatible with the flash/java software operators use for their browser based games. So app or not, Windows phone users should still be able to play poker for real money while on the go.

What You Need to Know About Playing Poker on Windows Phones

The biggest problem that you'll run into is that there is a lack of Windows phone apps, namely for real money poker players. But I still want to explain the general process behind getting started in case that changes in the near future. I'll explain what some of your other options are, too.

Getting Started on Your Windows Phone is Easy

Once you find a poker or casino site that has an app, all that you need to do is visit their mobile page to download it. They might also send you to an app store to download it.

In some cases the poker site will have a form on their site that asks for details like your phone number, country you live in and what games you want to play, and then they send you a download/link. With casinos they'll send you the specific game you want to play.

If the poker site does not have an app, your other option is to play from your browser. In fact, if you have the Windows Surface tablet I recommend playing from your browser (over your phone) since a tablet will display a non-mobile friendly website much better than a phone will. Especially since the Surface has a large 10.6" screen. To get started with browser based games, just find the browser section and hit play. With some sites you do need to have an account first, and you will need an account first at all sites if you want to play for real money.

Real Money Poker on Your Windows Phone/Tablet is Possible

If you can find an app or way to play from your browser, you should be able to play poker for real money. Even US players.

Finding a reputable site isn't difficult. There are few sites to choose from between apps, sites that offer browser games and above all, accept US players. I recommend sticking to our list above. If not, find a site that is honest and reputable.

From here, you'll need to create an account and make a deposit. The process is the same as it would be from your desktop. The one exception is if the poker site doesn't let you handle your account from your mobile device.

One thing to keep in the back of your mind is that the graphics are going to be much smaller on your tablet or phone. So if you've never played poker from a phone or tablet before, I do recommend getting started with play (fake) money games first. That way you can avoid making misclicks that cost your a bunch of money.

Don't Worry - Your Information is Still Secure

A big concern for mobile poker players is security. It should be.

Many poker sites take care of this for you. They don't let you handle the important account stuff from your phone. You have to do it all from your desktop or laptop. A lot of sites don't let you save your passwords either.

You can take additional steps too. Make sure you never save your password to your phone. Keep your phone locked with a password (if possible) and if available, use the security keys that many poker sites offer to their players. Using one, or all, of these strategies should keep most criminals at bay.