New US / United States Poker Sites

New poker sites can be a mixed bag. On one hand you can sign up to a new site and capitalize on all their new promotions, guaranteed tournaments and soft games. On the other hand you might sign up to a bad site. You never really know which is which either, because the site has no history.

So to save you some time (and potential headache), we've already created a list of new poker sites worth trying out. Just click on the links to get started. Alternatively, you can read our FAQ section below if you still have questions about signing up to a new US facing poker site.

United States / US Poker Rooms

US Poker Site
Signup Bonus
Poker Room Highlights
Ignition Poker
100% to $500
  • Fastest paying site for US players
  • Excellent VIP poker rewards
  • 100% to $500 deposit bonus
Ignition Poker
100% to $1000
  • Best software available for US players
  • Excellent VIP poker rewards
  • 100% to $2000 deposit bonus
Ignition Poker
100% to $2500
  • Accepts Bitcoin & Visa
  • Excellent Software & Support
  • 100% to $500 Deposit Bonus
BetOnline Poker
100% to $2500
  • Poker, casino and betting in one
  • Accepts US deposits & credit cards
  • 100% bonus up to $2500
BetOnline Poker
100% bonus to $1000
  • Reputable room & licensed
  • Great software & games
  • 100% bonus up to $1000
BetOnline Poker
100% cash to $1000
  • Newest US poker site
  • Safe & secure
  • 100% bonus up to $1000

New Poker Sites FAQs

We get a lot of questions about new poker sites, especially pertaining to US players. So we thought it'd be helpful to list those questions, and our answers, here for everyone to benefit from.

Are there benefits to signing up to a new poker site?

Absolutely. One benefit is that it's another opportunity to accept a deposit bonus. So with a little bit of effort you can increase your bankroll. New poker sites have to try (harder) to get customers, too, so you can bet that their bonus offer will be good.

That goes for their other promotions too. They have to answer the question, why us, when trying to attract new players. So new poker sites run all kinds of generous promotions like freerolls, huge guaranteed tournaments, VIP programs, cash back rewards and a whole lot more.

New poker sites also attract fishy players. So in addition to lining your pockets with deposit bonuses, you can fill them up with the money you take from all the fish.

Are there downsides to signing up to a new site?

Sure. For more recent poker sites, there isn't that much traffic in the beginning. So finding a game 24/7 might be difficult. That's especially true if you want to play a game outside of holdem or omaha. Note: New poker sites on networks won't have this problem since most of them share players.

New poker sites, like all businesses, will have kinks to work out. If they grow faster than expected (due to becoming popular) it might take longer for their support to get back to you or handle requests. It's possible their software has bugs that need to be ironed out.

Most of the downsides for new poker sites are minor though, and can (will) be tweaked as time goes on. They should be expected.

Keep in mind, too, that all sites have "downsides." It's not exclusive to new sites.

Are there risks to signing up to a new US poker site?

Yes. The biggest risk is the poker room being illegitimate from the beginning. Those sites are difficult to pinpoint without a history though. In other words, until people are scammed, you don't know that a poker site is bad to play at.

Considering that the poker room caters to the US market, you of course run the risk of the American government stepping in. This is less of a risk if the poker site uses a non .com domain name though.

The best advice I can give you to offset the risk is to deposit small at first.

How can I tell a poker site is safe to play at?

For a new poker site there is no sure fire way to tell it's safe. That's going to hold true for any online poker site though. Really, only time and appropriate business tactics is the true measure for a "safe" site. Even that can be wrong at times.

The best you can do is make sure the poker site is licensed, regulated and tested for fairness. This information is usually listed on the site. If you find out who gave them their license, you can usually visit their site and see if the new poker site is listed.

Another way to tell a poker site is safe is to visit poker forums. You'll find out pretty quick from other players if a room is worth playing at or not. Room reviews (like the ones on our site) are good too.

Are deposits difficult to make at new poker sites?

That depends on the site and their partners. You should always expect the banking process to be more difficult for players in the US compared to other countries. That's because the poker sites and their processors have more hoops to jump through to get the money moved from your bank to their site, and vice versa.