USA Online Casinos

An online casino is an excellent alternative for a brick and mortar casino. It eliminates the need to travel (far). Playing casino games online gives you the ability to play when you want. You can switch games quickly. The games are much cheaper and the promotions are much more generous. You can even play the games for free to test them out. Overall, there are many benefits to playing online, and not that many (if any) downsides.

There are (more) casinos open to US players, too. To get started just choose from our list below. You can also skip towards the bottom to read more about playing in casinos online if you're a resident of the USA.

How to Find the Best (Safe) Online Casinos for US Players

Finding a safe casino for United States players doesn't have to be hard.

The first thing I recommend doing is read our Sign Ups. We give honest assessments of every site including their background, gaming options, company info, banking methods and so on. These are the details you should look for too, if you decide to play at a site not mentioned here.

I also recommend sticking to sites with a non .com domain, if possible. That makes it less likely that the US government will take over the casino, with your funds still in it.

Other than that, just make sure the casino has the games you want to play, and the software you enjoy playing on the most.

How to Deposit to a US Casino

Making a deposit is a straightforward process. It's going to be very similar to making a purchase online. You'll want to visit your cashier and choose a method that works for you. For US players the best options will be a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card, Western Union, Money Order, American Express, UseMyWallet, bank wire or echeck.

Next you'll enter in the amount you want to deposit and if applicable, a bonus code. Then hit submit. In the case of a transfer from an e-wallet or credit/debit card, your funds should be available pretty quick (although not always).

However, keep in mind that being in the US will mean that you could face your payment method being declined. The banks are supposed to do that. In this case it'd be worth trying a money transfer service like Western Union. For the most part, if you stick to real money US casinos that accept Visa you really shouldn't have any issues.

Playing on Your Mobile Device(s)

Getting started on mobile is easy to do. More and more casinos are creating mobile alternatives of their software. The most common are casino apps Android, followed by Apple. You will have a difficult time finding an app for Blackberry or Windows. However, with Windows you can at least play from your browser.

For Android and Apple devices, you'll be able to download the app from their respective store. The app shouldn't cost you anything. Just download it and you'll be good to go. If the casino doesn't have an app, they may have a form on their site instead. Just fill out the information (your country, phone number, games you want to play, etc) and the game/links will be sent to you.

Keep in mind that depending on the site you may have to create an account and fund it first through a desktop or laptop computer. This is a safety measure on behalf of the casino.

Are United States Online Casinos Safe and Legal?

Like anything else, it depends. If you make sure that the casino has a positive history, (current) reputation and is licensed, regulated and their software is regularly tested for fairness, then yeah, I would say they're safe and legal.

However, if the casino is new, has a poor reputation and is not licensed, then no, I wouldn't say they're safe or legal. It just depends on where you sign up.

The best thing to do is read our Sign Ups, visit forums and test the casino out for yourself. Contact their support, play their games and even make a small deposit. See how easy it is to make a deposit and withdrawal. And keep your eyes out for anything fishy. That's the best way to determine if a site is ok to play at or not.

Now, in terms of being legal in the US, that's more or less a gray area. They're not allowed to operate in the US, and in many states it's illegal for players to gamble online. That's on top of it being illegal to try try to process transactions from your bank to your player account. So from that perspective, it's up to you to determine your risk factor based on where you live and your risk threshold. I would definitely recommend never depositing money you can't afford to lose, though, and to consult with your local law enforcement and/or attorney before getting started (if it's a concern to you).