US Poker Sites Accepting American Express / Amex

American Express (Amex) is a popular credit card option that is both accepted by online poker sites and available to US players. However, Amex isn't as readily available as Visa or MasterCard. So you'll find that there are only a couple of Amex US poker sites that are worth playing at. Our list of those sites are below.

We highly recommend the sites for US poker players. But just know that if you have a Visa or MasterCard that you'll have a couple more options to choose from. You can never have too many.

US Poker Sites Accepting American Express /Amex Poker Deposits

US Poker Site
Signup Bonus
Poker Room Highlights
25% cash to $900
  • Accepts ALL US Poker Players
  • Min $50 Deposit Using Amex
  • 25% instant bonus up to $900
25% cash to $900
  • Cash Bonus with First Deposit
  • Min $50 Deposit Using Amex
  • 25% instant bonus up to $900

Amex Poker Guide for US Players

Provided below is a guide to using Amex for funding your poker account. I answer the most common questions we get about American Amex poker sites.

How Do I Make a Deposit with Amex?

Making a deposit with Amex is easy for American poker players. All you do is visit the cashier, choose Amex and:

  • Enter your card number.
  • Enter your expiration date.
  • Enter in the security code.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  • Hit submit.

You should know within a couple of minutes if your card was approved. If so, the your funds should be available to you -- almost instantly.

However, if your card is declined I recommend trying it again. Make sure you enter in your information correctly. If it declines again you can try contacting support, or using a different deposit method.

What Are the Benefits to Using Amex for Americans?

  • Versus a method like money transfers or bank wires, Amex is going to be more convenient. You don't need to leave the house or fill out paperwork.
  • Amex is faster too. In my experience, the funds from a credit or debit card have always hit my account within minutes of being approved.
  • Credit card options tend to have higher deposit limits. As high as $1-$2,000 per day.
  • It's one of a handful of deposit options available to American poker players. If you have an Amex card you have another way to get money online.

Is Amex Safe for American Poker Players?

American Express is going to be as safe as any other credit card. Especially if you have additional features such as fraud protection.

However, the fact that using credit/debit cards are technically illegal (from a bank's point of view), US players do run the risk of having their banks find out. In these cases you may get a slap on the wrist, or in more extreme cases your bank may decide to stop doing business with you. So Amex (or any other credit card) isn't safe in that regard.

And it all depends on who you're sending the money to anyway. You can have the safest method in the world, but if you're sending money to Joe Blow's Hit and Run Poker, you might as well kiss your money goodbye, regardless of what banking method you decide to use.

Are There Any Fees?

No. At least not from the poker site's end. They (usually) cover the fees.

However, they don't cover any fees your bank or credit union may charge. So that's something you'll need to ask your bank about. That said, from my experience I've never been charged fees for making a poker deposit online with my credit card.