Poker Sites With Instant Cash

Prepaid cards are a lot like gift cards. Once you load them with money, you're able make purchases no different than you would with a debit or credit card. And because credit and debit cards are the most popular and accessible form of banking, prepaid Visas are a great banking solution for US poker players.

The following is our list of recommended poker sites that accept both US players and prepaid Visa as payments.

Online Poker Sites Accepting Prepaid Visa Poker Deposits

US Poker Site
Signup Bonus
Poker Room Highlights
25% cash to $900
  • New poker site offering cash bonus
  • Accepts US deposits & credit cards
  • 25% instant bonus up to $900
Ignition Poker
100% to $1100
  • Best software available for US players
  • Excellent VIP poker rewards
  • 100% to $1100 deposit bonus

PrePaid Visa Poker Guide for US Players

We receive a lot of questions about prepaid Visa banking methods. I thought it would be helpful to post those here along with our answers.

Where Do I Buy PrePaid Visa Cards?

Prepaid cards can be purchased anywhere in the US. Off the top of my head I know that you can buy prepaid visas from grocery stores, pharmacies like Walgreens, convenient stores and gas stations. You can even buy prepaid cards online.

There are many brands of prepaid cards, too. The ones I suggest looking for include Green Dot, MoneyGram, Walmart, ACE and NetSpend. While I definitely recommend going the Visa route, there are other prepaid card companies too that are branded with MasterCard or American Express. There's nothing wrong with going with the latter, but just know that they're not accepted at as many poker sites as Visa is.

How Do I Make a Deposit with a PrePaid Card?

It's simple. Making a deposit with a prepaid Visa card is identical to using a credit or debit card. Just visit the cashier and:

  • Enter your card numbers.
  • Select your expiration date.
  • Input your cvv2 number.
  • Enter in the amount you want to deposit.
  • Enter a bonus code if you have one.
  • Hit submit.

Assuming the card is approved, the amount should be in your account quickly.

Since the prepaid card is a Visa, you do run the risk of your deposit being declined. In that case I recommend trying again (make sure you entered the numbers correctly) or contacting support. If push comes to shove you may have to try another banking method.

Last thing -- keep in mind that you won't be able to request withdrawals to your prepaid card. You'll need to use another banking method.

What are the Benefits to Using a Prepaid Visa?

I think there are a couple of upsides.

The biggest upside is distancing your gaming from your bank. Although I've never experienced it myself, you do see horror stories of people who've made deposits with their bank accounts only to have them shut down later. I also like not having my gambling purchases on my bank statements. Your purchases are private.

Are PrePaid Cards Safe for American Poker Players?

Yes. The prepaid card companies I listed above are well-known and trustworthy. The payments are processed by Visa, too, so I can't imagine you having any issues with them.

However, keep in mind that the other half of the story is whoever you're making the deposit to. You want to make sure you're playing at a safe site. Our recommendations above should help you with that.

Are There Any Fees to Visa Prepaid Cards?

It'll depend on the card. There may be an activation, maintenance, withdrawal or balance checking fees, amongst many others that banks like to come up with. However, there shouldn't be any fees to use your card to make a deposit, though. Most poker sites cover those types of (credit/debit card) charges. I recommend reading the terms and conditions of each card before you buy and make a deposit though.